Friday, September 17, 2010

Towel Origami - Starfish

Start with two washcloths. Fold into a triangle and again into another triangle. Fold back one side of the triangle. Turn the washcloth over and fold back the other side of the triangle. Stand up next to each other, straighten arms, and you've got a starfish.

Towel Origami - Palm Tree

Fold hand towel in half and in half again. Pick up wash cloth from middle. Put washcloth on edge of hand towel and roll up hand towel to form trunk. Stand up and adjust "leaves."

Towel Origami - Whale

Start with a bath towel, a hand towel, and a wash cloth.
Roll up the bath towel and fold the roll in half to make the body. Fold the hand towel into a triangle and depress it in the middle to make the whale's tail. Pleat the wash cloth and insert it into the head of the folded roll for a spout.

Towel Origami - Volcano

You will need two bath towels and three wash cloths. This can also be done with blue or purple bath towels and white wash cloths for a snow-covered mountain.
Fold bath towels into triangles as shown. Put one on top of the other and fold edges over to make a cone. Stand the cone, tucking loose edges underneath for a supportive base.

Layer the three washcloths as shown. Grasp from the back and insert into opening of the cone and you've got your volcano.

Towel Origami - Crab in Seashell

To make the crab in a seashell, roll up a bathtowel, starting in the corner. Then curl the roll into a seashell. You might need to prop it against something to keep it from uncurling.

Then take a washcloth and roll it from both sides into the middle. Turn it over and then turn each of the ends under about an inch and a half to reveal the claws. Fold it in half and insert your crab into the seashell.